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Single asset staking - $LSP

$LSP single staking via claimable balances
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Lumenswap is currently struggling to absorb its token emission schedule. Bear market sentiment coupled with continued inflation of $LSP threatens to artificially depress otherwise healthy price action once the general market begins to recover.

To counter this, token velocity of $LSP (how quickly and easily it is exchanged) needs to be reduced.

This proposal therefore suggests a simple solution:

1. Replace holder rewards with single-staking $LSP rewards (1:1 ratio allocation).

2. Use the DAO 'claimable balances' functionality as a place holder to mimic single-staking, until smart contracts allow true single-asset staking.

3. Require users to 'lock up' their $LSP (in the same way as voting on the DAO locks tokens) in order to receive the monthly holder rewards.

4. Lockup period of 1 month (to begin with).

The community can start with the basic suggestion above, before considering more complex lockup periods, such as; single-asset staking functionality for non $LSP tokens, $LSP emission changes based on asset weighting, etc.

Until smart contracts are live on Stellar, Lumenswap needs to remain innovative and nimble with achievable in-house platform and ecosystem upgrades.

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Jun-16-2022 12:00 AM +UTC
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Jun-21-2022 12:00 AM +UTC
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