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Fund Marketing and Community Building Campaign

Fund 2 Month Marketing and Community Campaign
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The problem:

Lack of any consistent Twitter marketing strategies, as well as poor community engagement from the core team, has led to very poor project sentiment, and extremely negative price action for Rabet.

This proposal looks to suggest actionable marketing and community management milestones for Rabet, to be put into place immediately if passed.


1. Allocate $10,000 of stablecoin funds to support marketing and community building campaigns over a 2 month period. This will fund:

- the hire of an external social media manager (Twitter)

- the hire of 2 community moderators (Telegram)

- paid content/article features

- competition/prize giveaways

2. The Twitter account and marketing campaign to be run by an external freelancer with a good track record from Fiverr, for example:

3. Mandatory weekly community updates in Telegram by Rabet CEO - with clear milestones and progress reports.

4. The wallet address funding the campaign to be publicly posted by the team, allowing the community to monitor and audit.


If this proposal passes, immediate action to be taken by the core team to; release funds, hire a freelance social media manager/community moderators, provide weekly community updates on Telegram, and post the wallet address funding the campaign.

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May-20-2022 12:00 AM +UTC
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May-25-2022 12:00 AM +UTC
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